January 16th, 2012

IDG: More than 90% of iPad owners use it at work

91% of IT and business professionals who own an iPad said they use the device at work, according to “The iPad for Business Survey 2012” published today by IDG Connect, a division of International Data Group. The survey is based on interviews with business and IT professionals from regions across the world.

The survey found that 51% “always” use their iPad at work, while 40% said it is used there “sometimes.” In the Middle East and Africa, more than 70% always use it at work.

And 12% of workers indicated that the iPad has “completely replaced” their laptop. Another 54% said the iPad has “partly” replaced their laptop – complementing it whilst on the move.

iPad Use at Work

IDG Connect

“If a majority of professionals still use laptops, the iPad has certainly curtailed usage levels,” the survey states. “Nearly three-quarters of respondents say that they ‘carry their laptop around less’ now that they own an iPad.”

The iPad has also had an effect on desktop PC use, but to far less a degree. 6% of respondents said the iPad has “completely” replaced their desktop and 33% said the iPad has “partly” replaced their desktop.

“For most, the iPad isn’t a substitute for an existing tool or device,” IDG said. “Instead, it’s a supplement, albeit one with functionality that overlaps with other devices. As a result, the iPad seems to have carved out a niche for itself at the partial expense of several rival form factors.”

The most common use of the iPad among professionals is Web browsing, which 79% said they “always” use the device for. Reading followed closely with 76%, news consumption had 73%, and work communication earned 54%. Over 70% now claim to buy fewer printed books and newspapers.iPad Device Replacement

The iPad has quickly become an IT professionals’ favourite device for computing whilst on the move, with 79% saying they “always” use their iPads outside of their home.

iPad Location

IDG Connect

In their last quarterly earnings report in October, Apple officials revealed that 90% of the Fortune 500 were deploying or testing the iPad, even though the device had only been available on the market for 18 months.

The iPad’s presence at work has been boosted by employees who have purchased them with their own money. The survey reveals that overall, about a quarter of respondents have their iPad supplied by their employer. This climbs sharply in Africa (47%) and Europe (40%).


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