December 1st, 2011

Apple and Match​.com fall out of love over subscriptions

Match.comApple has removed’s iphone app from the App Store because it cir­cum­ven­ted the in-​app pur­chases sys­tem and allowed its sub­scribers to tap a but­ton in the app to pay via an external link, cut­ting Apple out of the 30% com­mis­sion it levies on in-​app payments.

Apple’s app policy was revised in June to pre­vent apps from includ­ing a link to an external web­site to pur­chase content.’s app primar­ily provided mobile access to its web-​based, relationship-​matching ser­vice and high­lights that Apple’s policy is not just dir­ec­ted at ‘digital products’ such as books, news­pa­pers and magazines.

Apple and Match​.com are dis­cuss­ing how the app might be changed before it can reappear in Apple’s App Store, but it is likely that Match​.com will either have to remove the ‘signup and pay’ func­tion­al­ity from within the app, or agree to pay Apple’s 30% commission .

Apple’s App Store hosts more than half a mil­lion apps, of which there have been more than 15 bil­lion down­loads in total.

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