December 1st, 2011

Apple and fall out of love over subscriptions

Match.comApple has removed’s iphone app from the App Store because it circumvented the in-app purchases system and allowed its subscribers to tap a button in the app to pay via an external link, cutting Apple out of the 30% commission it levies on in-app payments.

Apple’s app policy was revised in June to prevent apps from including a link to an external website to purchase content.’s app primarily provided mobile access to its web-based, relationship-matching service and highlights that Apple’s policy is not just directed at ‘digital products’ such as books, newspapers and magazines.

Apple and are discussing how the app might be changed before it can reappear in Apple’s App Store, but it is likely that will either have to remove the ‘signup and pay’ functionality from within the app, or agree to pay Apple’s 30% commission .

Apple’s App Store hosts more than half a million apps, of which there have been more than 15 billion downloads in total.


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