November 4th, 2011

One company’s vis­ion of a ‘Minor­ity Report’ future

The rise of the touch­screen, mobile devices and tab­lets has made us all aware of the import­ance of glass in the future dir­ec­tion of technology.

Just how import­ant it might be is high­lighted in this remark­able video from Corn­ing (yes, the com­pany behind the glass used for iPad, Zune HD, Sur­face 2.0 and other devices)

Corn­ing asks:

  • Can you ima­gine organ­iz­ing your daily sched­ule with a few touches on your bath­room mirror?
  • Chat­ting with far-​away rel­at­ives through inter­act­ive video on your kit­chen counter?
  • Read­ing a clas­sic novel on a whisper-​thin piece of flex­ible glass?

Corn­ing says it’s not just think­ing about these scen­arios, but it’s research­ing how to make them real.

In the mean­time, whilst we’re all wait­ing for the tech­no­logy in ‘Minor­ity Report’ to make its way into our lives, settle for this intriguing video: “A Day Made Of Glass.“

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