November 18th, 2011

Mobile’s share of online retail traffic pre­dicted to triple this Christmas

CoremetricsThe pro­por­tion of online ‘traffic’ from mobile devices to retail­ers’ web­sites will rise to around 15% in the UK this Decem­ber — almost three times its level of 5.6% last Decem­ber — accord­ing to IBM Core­met­rics’ Online Bench­mark data.

Mobile sales reached a high of 11% of all online sales in Octo­ber, up from 3.1% in the same month in 2010. IBM claims the grow­ing pop­ular­ity of mobile devices, espe­cially iPads and iPhones, is driv­ing the trend.

Con­sumers are also tak­ing advant­age of online dis­counts as retail­ers launch sea­sonal pro­mo­tions earlier than usual, with sales in Novem­ber expec­ted to grow by 10% year on year.

The research also shows that the con­ver­sion rate on iPads is higher than other mobile devices — pos­sibly due to the lar­ger screen mak­ing online shop­ping easier and a view that iPads are used more at home, in a set­ting and at a time that’s more con­du­cive to online shop­ping than mobile phones.

This Christ­mas shop­pers are mov­ing bey­ond the PC and on to the mobile, show­ing that retail­ers must pay close atten­tion to this import­ant new shop­ping chan­nel.” Andrew Jackson-​Proes, IBM’s enter­prise mar­ket­ing man­age­ment leader for UK & Ireland

Inter­est­ingly, to add to the debate on reach vs. engage­ment, the research also shows that iPhone users account for nearly double the amount of traffic to retail sites com­pared to Android users.

The research also looked at con­ver­sion rates. Whilst identi­fy­ing the aver­age con­ver­sion rate of those vis­it­ing retail online sites as 4.7% it sug­gests that social media can play a part in increas­ing con­ver­sion rates, with a 7.6% con­ver­sion rate being achieved when con­sumers are dir­ec­ted to a retail site via a social media site.

Data for the sur­vey is col­lec­ted from the web­sites of more than 150 UK retail­ers to identify online trends.

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