November 18th, 2011

Benetton plays kiss and dare

Benetton UnHate Campaign Benetton plays kiss and dareThose who recall United Col­ors of Benetton’s advert­ising in the 90’s — which addressed the issues of AIDS, racism, animal rights and envir­on­ment­al­ism and was shot by Italian fash­ion pho­to­grapher Oliviero Toscani with pro­voc­at­ive hon­esty — will not be sur­prised at the furor that has greeted their latest campaign.

Under the cam­paign line “UnHate”, Benetton has cre­ated an advert­ising cam­paign fea­tur­ing polit­ical and reli­gious lead­ers from dif­fer­ent camps, embraced in a kiss. UnHate is also the name of the found­a­tion Benetton has set-​up to fur­ther the cause of the campaign.

The cam­paign was developed by Fab­rica Italy and 72andSunny and includes a 60-​second video dir­ec­ted by Laurent Chanez, which cap­tures moments of intim­acy, kiss­ing and love entwined with moments of aggres­sion, fight­ing and hate.

The posters fea­ture the US Pres­id­ent Barack Obama and the Chinese leader Hu Jintao; Barack Obama and the Pres­id­ent of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, the Palestinian Author­it­ies pres­id­ent Mah­moud Abbas and the Israeli prime min­is­ter Ben­jamin Net­an­yahu; North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il and South Korean Pres­id­ent Lee Myung-​bak; the Ger­man Chan­cel­lor Angela Merkel and the French Pres­id­ent Nic­olas Sarkozy.

benetton unhate 01 300x212 Benetton plays kiss and dareThe cam­paign has been met with out­rage in some quar­ters of the media and the ori­ginal set of posters included an image of Pope Bene­dict XVI and Ahmed Mohamed el-​Tayeb, Imam of the Al-​Azhar mosque in Cairo, kiss­ing until Benetton was form­ally asked by the Vat­ican to remove the image and threatened to sue.

While global love is still a uto­pia, albeit a worthy one, the invit­a­tion ‘not to hate’, to com­bat the ‘cul­ture of hatred’, is an ambi­tious but real­istic object­ive.” Aless­andro Benetton, Exec­ut­ive Deputy Chair­man, Benetton Group

The com­pany says that it will also com­mis­sion groups of young people to post “mani­fes­tos”, fea­tur­ing the kiss­ing lead­ers, in Tel Aviv, New York, Rome, Milan and Paris.

Benetton has also launched the http://​unhate​.benetton​.com/ web­site, which will house the images and videos from the cam­paign and UnHate events across the world as well as two apps, UnHate Kiss Wall and UnHate List. The first app matches two ran­domly selec­ted pho­tos from those uploaded to the plat­form and unites them in a kiss. The second is a user-​generated list of people and things that are not hated.

benetton unhate 03 300x212 Benetton plays kiss and dareBenetton will also unveil the UnHate Dove, a four-​meter long install­a­tion by Fabrica’s Cuban artist Erik Ravelo made from empty bul­lets sent by people from war zones.

Benetton had defen­ded the pro­voc­at­ive cam­paign, stress­ing that its pur­pose was to stim­u­late debate on recon­cili­ation and medi­ation in polit­ics and religion.

Its aim was to “con­trast the cul­ture of hatred and pro­mote close­ness between peoples, faiths, cul­tures and the peace­ful under­stand­ing of each other’s motiv­a­tions. The cent­ral theme is the kiss, the most uni­ver­sal sym­bol of love.”

benetton unhate 04 300x212 Benetton plays kiss and dare

benetton unhate pope al tayeb dps1 300x212 Benetton plays kiss and dare

benetton unhate 05 300x212 Benetton plays kiss and dare

benetton unhate 02 300x212 Benetton plays kiss and dare

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