November 16th, 2011

Apple winning over enterprise with products and attitude

Tim Cook, Apple CEOApple’s recent success amongst enterprises has been hard earned, as the company has worked to cater to businesses’ needs, and also as Chief Executive Tim Cook has shown a friendlier side than companies were used to with Steve Jobs, according to the New York Times.

Reviewing Apple’s growth in enterprise sales, The New York Times revealed that whilst Jobs disliked pandering to business needs, Cook is “more at ease” meeting with enterprise customers.

Previously, under Jobs, corporate customers were often rubbed the wrong way as the outspoken CEO spoke his mind, former employees reportedly said. But even before he took over as CEO, Cook, while chief operating officer of Apple, was said to engage in more communication with the company’s enterprise clients.

“(Cook) met more frequently with corporate customers and seemed to appreciate their needs, even if he did not deviate from Mr. Jobs’s views about making consumers the priority when making Apple products,” the report said.

“While corporate technology buyers say Apple does not try to hide the fact that consumers are still its top priority, they note that the company has gotten easier to work with in recent years, adding features to its devices that make them more palatable to business,” Nick Wingfield

Apple’s recent success in the enterprise has been largely driven by the iPhone and iPad, which have seen rapid adoption, partly due to the “consumerization” of businesses.

Apple’s executives have made special mention of the adoption of iOS devices in the enterprise during its quarterly earnings conference calls, noting that 93% of Fortune 500 companies are deploying or testing the iPhone, while 90% are deploying or testing the iPad.

A poll of enterprise device activations in October found that both the iPhone and iPad were extremely popular, beating comparable Android products. The iPad in particular showed complete domination of the enterprise tablet market, taking 96% of total activations tracked by Good Technology.

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