November 16th, 2011

Apple win­ning over enter­prise with products and attitude

Tim Cook, Apple CEOApple’s recent suc­cess amongst enter­prises has been hard earned, as the com­pany has worked to cater to busi­nesses’ needs, and also as Chief Exec­ut­ive Tim Cook has shown a friend­lier side than com­pan­ies were used to with Steve Jobs, accord­ing to the New York Times.

Review­ing Apple’s growth in enter­prise sales, The New York Times revealed that whilst Jobs dis­liked pan­der­ing to busi­ness needs, Cook is “more at ease” meet­ing with enter­prise customers.

Pre­vi­ously, under Jobs, cor­por­ate cus­tom­ers were often rubbed the wrong way as the out­spoken CEO spoke his mind, former employ­ees reportedly said. But even before he took over as CEO, Cook, while chief oper­at­ing officer of Apple, was said to engage in more com­mu­nic­a­tion with the company’s enter­prise clients.

(Cook) met more fre­quently with cor­por­ate cus­tom­ers and seemed to appre­ci­ate their needs, even if he did not devi­ate from Mr. Jobs’s views about mak­ing con­sumers the pri­or­ity when mak­ing Apple products,” the report said.

While cor­por­ate tech­no­logy buy­ers say Apple does not try to hide the fact that con­sumers are still its top pri­or­ity, they note that the com­pany has got­ten easier to work with in recent years, adding fea­tures to its devices that make them more pal­at­able to busi­ness,” Nick Wingfield

Apple’s recent suc­cess in the enter­prise has been largely driven by the iPhone and iPad, which have seen rapid adop­tion, partly due to the “con­sumer­iz­a­tion” of businesses.

Apple’s exec­ut­ives have made spe­cial men­tion of the adop­tion of iOS devices in the enter­prise dur­ing its quarterly earn­ings con­fer­ence calls, not­ing that 93% of For­tune 500 com­pan­ies are deploy­ing or test­ing the iPhone, while 90% are deploy­ing or test­ing the iPad.

A poll of enter­prise device activ­a­tions in Octo­ber found that both the iPhone and iPad were extremely pop­u­lar, beat­ing com­par­able Android products. The iPad in par­tic­u­lar showed com­plete dom­in­a­tion of the enter­prise tab­let mar­ket, tak­ing 96% of total activ­a­tions tracked by Good Technology.

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