September 30th, 2011

Tesco cre­ates vir­tual stores in sub­way stations

In a con­cer­ted effort to nar­row the gap between itself and the num­ber one gro­cery store in South Korea, Tesco has been look­ing at ways to bring their stores closer to their cus­tom­ers. Their chal­lenge is that they have fewer stores than the num­ber one gro­cery store.

One way has been to cre­ate ‘vir­tual stores’ in con­veni­ent places. This video shows their first efforts, cre­at­ing a vir­tual store in a sub­way sta­tion using posters of products on the supermarket’s shelves with scan­nable QR codes mak­ing it easier for cus­tom­ers to select and order products. (Obvi­ously the avail­ab­il­ity of WiFi in South Korean sub­way sta­tions was essential.)

And the res­ults? More than 100,000 people scanned the QR codes, new cus­tomer regis­tra­tions rose by 75%, and online sales went up by 130%

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