September 19th, 2011

Google “Goggles” launch trial on UK out­door ads

Google’s “Goggles” — a ser­vice that matches off­line or prin­ted images with online con­tent — is being tri­alled in out­door ad cam­paigns in the UK by French Con­nec­tion, L’Oréal’s Garnier, Sony Music and Sam­sung, in part­ner­ship with CBS Outdoor.

Billed as an altern­at­ive to QR Codes, Google describes “Goggles” as a “vir­tual search app”. With a “Goggles-​enabled” out­door advert­ising brands can offer users access to addi­tional online con­tent by tak­ing a photo of the cam­paign with the “Goggles” app on their Android device or using the “Goggles” sec­tion of the Google Search app on an iPhone.

Sony Music and French Con­nec­tion launch their “Goggles-​enabled” ad cam­paign this week at sites in West­field Strat­ford City and West­field Lon­don retail centres.Sony Music used “Goggles” with ads pro­mot­ing the new album by rock band Kas­a­bian. When users take a photo of the ad using the “Goggles” app they are taken to the band’s mobile site where they can view online con­tent from the band, includ­ing a video mes­sage from lead singer Tom Meighan.

L’Oréal’s Garnier and Sam­sung are due to roll out their “Goggles-​enabled” cam­paigns in Octo­ber. Google is also plan­ning to use the tech­no­logy to pro­mote its Google “Transit” ser­vice on LED poster sites around West­field. Google “Transit” allows users to plan jour­neys using pub­lic trans­port on GoogleMaps.

This is the first time in that “Goggles” tech­no­logy has been used by brands to deliver online con­tent from out­door sites in the UK​.It fol­lows a sim­ilar exper­i­ment using “Goggles” in the US last year with Dis­ney, Diageo, T-​Mobile, and Delta Air Lines.

Mike Hem­mings, Head of Strategy and Mar­ket­ing Com­mu­nic­a­tions at CBS Out­door UK, is repor­ted as say­ing to Mar­ket­ing Magazine that brands are now real­ising the bene­fits of com­bin­ing out­door, for rais­ing aware­ness, with the mobile web.

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