September 10th, 2011

Apps: more down­loads with Android, more money with Apple

2011 could be the first year that Google’s Android over­takes Apple’s iOS in total num­ber of app down­loads, accord­ing to research firm Ovum. Ovum expects Android users to down­load 35% more apps than iOS users this year.

Android users are fore­cast to down­load 8.1 bil­lion apps this year, com­pared to the 6 bil­lion fore­cast for iOS users. This rep­res­ents sig­ni­fic­ant growth for both plat­forms. iOS users down­loaded 2.7 bil­lion apps in 2010, and Android users 1.4 bil­lion apps.

Ovum also repor­ted that total mobile app down­loads, across all plat­forms, is expec­ted to grow 144% this year.

Con­sumers’ seem­ingly insa­ti­able demand for mobile applic­a­tions is set to con­tinue this year, with down­loads from app stores increas­ing around the world.” Nick Dillon, Ovum analyst

Android’s rise is unsur­pris­ing given the surge in its mar­ket share and the num­ber of phone man­u­fac­tur­ers using the oper­at­ing sys­tem. com­Score repor­ted that Android’s share of the US mar­ket had risen to 42% in July 2011, com­pared to 27% for Apple’s iOS. And six man­u­fac­tur­ers — Dell, HTC, Kyo­cera, LG, Motorola, and Sam­sung — make 42 smart­phones using the Android oper­at­ing system.

Android has also benefited as inde­pend­ent app stores, such as Get­Jar and Amazon’s App Store, have emerged to provide addi­tional sources and mar­ket­ing for Android apps.

The out­look for the longer term is also pos­it­ive, with con­sumers set to con­tinue to use apps to add new fea­tures to their phones and to access their favour­ite ser­vices on the go.” Nick Dillon, Ovum analyst

How­ever, its not all good news for Android. Des­pite Android users down­load­ing more apps in total, Ovum says that iOS apps are still ahead and will stay ahead when it comes to paid for apps. Rev­en­ues from iOS app sales are expec­ted to hit $2.86 bil­lion by 2016, com­pared to $1.5 bil­lion for Android app sales. By that time Android app down­loads are expec­ted to reach 21.8 bil­lion, while iOS app down­loads will be 11.6 billion.

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