August 14th, 2011

QR Codes: Use in UK is slowly but stead­ily increasing

Almost 40% of UK con­sumers are now famil­iar with QR Codes — the inter­act­ive mat­rix bar­codes — as they are increas­ingly used in advert­ising, media con­tent and on pack­aging, accord­ing to research from Kin­etic World­wide in con­junc­tion with Joule.

Across all age groups 12% of con­sumers have suc­cess­fully scanned a QR code with their mobile phone and accessed the inform­a­tion it con­tained. This fig­ure increases to 20% amongst 1824 year olds, and 15% amongst 2534 year olds.

The study found that the major­ity of con­sumers are open-​minded about using QR codes, or believe they could be bene­fi­cial. 37% of con­sumers think they could be use­ful, whilst 35% are not yet sure.

When asked about the con­tent delivered by QR codes, not sur­pris­ingly 49% said they would like a product voucher or brand inform­a­tion. 42% said a link to a web­site could be use­ful, and 26% said they would like exclus­ive content.

On aver­age, men (15%) were more likely to have used a QR code than women (12%) and, of people who have inter­ac­ted them, most have done so with QR codes on advert­ising and products (both 41%).

How­ever, Kin­etic and Joule’s research sug­gests there is still a long way to go before they are used by a wider audi­ence and clearer ‘sign­post­ing’ and explan­a­tion of QR codes is required.

Whilst 1824 year olds are rel­at­ively high users, over­all 43% of con­sumers still say they have never seen one, and just 1% of those aged 5564 had used one successfully.

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