June 3rd, 2011

Google pushes ‘+1′ button

Google is mak­ing its “+1” share-​button avail­able to Web­site own­ers and pub­lish­ers to use on their own pages. This will give them a new way to high­light their con­tent in Google search results.

Sev­eral prom­in­ent media com­pan­ies are join­ing Google as launch part­ners for the Web-​based +1 but­ton, includ­ing Bloomberg, The Huff­ing­ton Post, and Reuters.

Read­ers on those sites will be given the option to click the but­ton on con­tent they like, which will high­light that con­tent in search res­ults when friends or social-​media con­nec­tions search for sim­ilar topics.

Google has been test­ing the fea­ture within search res­ults since March, but the broader launch might increase usage sim­ilar to the way but­tons from Twit­ter and Face­book encour­age shar­ing of Web con­tent among con­nec­tions in those networks.

Any Web pub­lisher can add the but­tons to their site. Google provided detailed instruc­tions here.

The “+1″ but­ton is inten­ded to help Google mir­ror social net­work style information-​sharing without the bene­fit of a social net­work of its own.

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