June 3rd, 2011

Apple to unveil iCloud and iOS5 on June 6th

wwdc 110328 150x101 Apple to unveil iCloud and iOS5 on June 6thSteve Jobs is due to return to the stage at Apple’s World­wide Developers Con­fer­ence on Monday June 6th to intro­duce Apple’s cloud-​based sync ser­vice, the next ver­sion of the iPhone and iPad oper­at­ing sys­tem — iOS5 — and the next ver­sion of the Mac OS, Lion.

iCloud is expec­ted to fea­ture a music stream­ing ser­vice which will allow users to access their music lib­rary from any Internet-​connected device, such as an iPhone, without the need to save music files on the device. It is expec­ted that the product will scan users’ iTunes lib­rar­ies and then mir­ror them with Apple’s own high-​quality audio files stored in the cloud.

Apple are rumoured to have agreed deals with all four of the major record com­pan­ies, which Google had been unable to do earlier this year.

The ser­vice is expec­ted to be free, ini­tially, for users who have bought songs through iTunes and upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, with Apple con­sid­er­ing a $25 a year sub­scrip­tion fur­ther down the line for the music stream­ing service.

iOS 5 is also expec­ted to add new fea­tures that make it easier for users to auto­mat­ic­ally upload and pub­lish their pho­tos, movies and other con­tent dir­ectly from iOS mobile devices. iOs5 may also include system-​wide Twit­ter integ­ra­tion, more com­pre­hens­ive voice con­trol integ­ra­tion and a revamp of noti­fic­a­tions and widgets.

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