June 6th, 2011

80% of Android Mar­ket apps down­loaded fewer than 100 times

There are now over 200,000 applic­a­tions in Google’s Android Mar­ket, but 80% of all paid for Android Mar­ket apps and 20% of free apps have been down­loaded fewer than 100 times world­wide, accord­ing to Dis­timo, an ana­lyt­ics company.

Dis­timo reports that 96 Android Mar­ket apps have exceeded the 5 mil­lion down­load mile­stone, with only one — Google Maps — exceed­ing 50 mil­lion down­loads. Five Android Mar­ket games top 250,000 world­wide down­loads. In con­trast, there are ten iOS games in the App Store that gen­er­ated more than 250,000 down­loads within two months in the U.S. alone.

Dis­timo also noted that the refresh rate of the all import­ant ‘Top Applic­a­tions’ charts is far higher on iOS than on Android. In April 2011, there 94 dif­fer­ent apps (free or paid) landed a ‘Top 10′ pos­i­tion in the App Store, com­pared to only 26 in Android Market.

It is more chal­len­ging for developers in the Google Android Mar­ket than in the Apple App Store to mon­et­ize using a one-​off fee mon­et­iz­a­tion model,” writes Dis­timo data ana­lyst Hendrik Koekkoek on the Dis­timo blog. “We found that only two paid applic­a­tions have been down­loaded more than half a mil­lion times in the Google Android Mar­ket world­wide to date, while six paid applic­a­tions in the Apple App Store for iPhone gen­er­ate the same num­ber of down­loads within a two-​month time­frame in the United States alone.”

Last month, Dis­timo repor­ted that Android Mar­ket now offers more free mobile apps than the Apple App Store, with more than 134,000 free apps com­pared to almost 122,000 in the App store. Dis­timo adds that at its cur­rent rate of growth Android Mar­ket is expec­ted to offer more mobile apps than any other store by this autumn. How­ever, as Distimo’s data illus­trates that isn’t, in itself, an advant­age for developers.

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