May 14th, 2011

Busi­ness pro­fes­sion­als choose iPhone, iPad over Android

Accord­ing to Inter­me­dia, a global Microsoft Exchange host pro­vider, whilst Android mar­ket share and pop­ular­ity amongst con­sumers con­tin­ues to climb, busi­ness pro­fes­sion­als gen­er­ally prefer the iPhone.

Inter­me­dia reviewed the type of Act­ive­Sync*–based smart­phones its cus­tom­ers activ­ated across the 320,000 hos­ted Exchange email accounts it man­ages for its cus­tom­ers. 61% choose the iPhone, whilst only 17% prefer the Android. Inter­me­dia also found that the iPad is the hands-​down win­ner amongst tab­let users in busi­nesses. 99.8% of tab­let cus­tom­ers pick the Apple brand over the Sam­sung Galaxy or Motorola Xoom.


Intermedia’s fig­ures do not include Black­Berry use. Their pub­lished data is spe­cific to Act­ive­Sync, which does not include hos­ted Black­Berry devices.

Pro­fes­sion­als want to sync and man­age their busi­ness email, con­tacts, and cal­en­dars across their com­puters, smart­phones, and tab­lets. They also want to use the brands of their choice. Sup­port­ing these options can strain an IT depart­ment accus­tomed to man­aging only one type of device.” Jonathan McCormick, COO, Intermedia


Other smart­phone stats from Inter­me­dia include:

  • Total break­down of ActiveSync-​based smartphone’s activ­ated on Intermedia’s ser­vice:
    • 61 per­cent on iPhone
    • 22 per­cent on “Other” (primar­ily Win­dows, fol­lowed by Sym­bian and Palm)
    • 17 per­cent on Android
  • Act­ive­Sync devices activ­ated in April: iPhone is still in the num­ber one spot and increased its share to 64 per­cent. Android share is climb­ing fast with 33 percent.
  • Tab­lets activ­ated in April: Close to 100 per­cent of new tab­lets were iPads, with just a tiny frac­tion activ­at­ing the Sam­sung Galaxy and Motorola Xoom.
  • iPad pop­ular­ity is grow­ing dra­mat­ic­ally: Inter­me­dia typ­ic­ally sees approx­im­ately 300 new iPads activ­ated in a month. They saw a jump to over 900 in March and over 1,200 in April.

* Act­ive­Sync is the syncing pro­tocol that iPhone, Android and Win­dows 7 smart­phones use to sync email and other inform­a­tion with Microsoft Exchange.

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