May 14th, 2011

Business professionals choose iPhone, iPad over Android

According to Intermedia, a global Microsoft Exchange host provider, whilst Android market share and popularity amongst consumers continues to climb, business professionals generally prefer the iPhone.

Intermedia reviewed the type of ActiveSync*-based smartphones its customers activated across the 320,000 hosted Exchange email accounts it manages for its customers. 61% choose the iPhone, whilst only 17% prefer the Android.  Intermedia also found that the iPad is the hands-down winner amongst tablet users in businesses. 99.8% of tablet customers pick the Apple brand over the Samsung Galaxy or Motorola Xoom.



Intermedia’s figures do not include BlackBerry use. Their published data is specific to ActiveSync, which does not include hosted BlackBerry devices.

“Professionals want to sync and manage their business email, contacts, and calendars across their computers, smartphones, and tablets. They also want to use the brands of their choice. Supporting these options can strain an IT department accustomed to managing only one type of device.” Jonathan McCormick, COO, Intermedia


Other smartphone stats from Intermedia include:

  • Total breakdown of ActiveSync-based smartphone’s activated on Intermedia’s service:
    • 61 percent on iPhone
    • 22 percent on “Other” (primarily Windows, followed by Symbian and Palm)
    • 17 percent on Android
  • ActiveSync devices activated in April: iPhone is still in the number one spot and increased its share to 64 percent. Android share is climbing fast with 33 percent.
  • Tablets activated in April: Close to 100 percent of new tablets were iPads, with just a tiny fraction activating the Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Xoom.
  • iPad popularity is growing dramatically: Intermedia typically sees approximately 300 new iPads activated in a month. They saw a jump to over 900 in March and over 1,200 in April.

* ActiveSync is the syncing protocol that iPhone, Android and Windows 7 smartphones use to sync email and other information with Microsoft Exchange.

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