April 4th, 2011

Android numbers up, mobile use up, iPhone engagement strongest

Android con­tin­ued to extend its lead amongst smart phone oper­at­ing sys­tems, accord­ing to two sur­veys — on in the US and the other in the UK. How­ever, accord­ing to the UK sur­vey, Apple’s iOS users remain more engaged than their Android coun­ter­parts whilst using their mobile device.

Accord­ing to a report issued by research firm Com­cast, Google’s Android now powers 33% of all smart phones across the US.

This is up from 26% three months earlier. Sony Eric­sson, Motorola, HTC, Sam­sung and LG have all adop­ted Google’s Android on at least some of their mobile devices, fuel­ling Android’s growth.

Hav­ing sat at the top of the tree until the tail-​end of 2010, RIM’s Black­Berry slipped a fur­ther 4.6%, and now accounts for 28.9% of the mar­ket. Apple’s iOS remains at 25.2%, up just 0.2%.

The fig­ures are from Feb­ru­ary 2011, before Apple launched the iPad 2.


Android — 33%

Black­Berry — 28.9%

Apple iOS — 25.2%

MS Win­dows Phone — 7.7%

Microsoft’s Win­dows Phone dropped 1.3% to 7.7%. Microsoft will be hop­ing that Nokia’s agree­ment to adopt Win­dows Phone next year will help to accel­er­ate their mar­ket share growth.

US smart phone own­er­ship over­all is up 13% to almost 70 mil­lion over the pre­vi­ous three-​month period, which sug­gests that almost 30% of the total US mobile user base of 234 mil­lion people aged 13 and older use a smart phone..

In the UK, a YouGov’s sur­vey for Intel­li­gent Envir­on­ments of 2,001 people found that 28% of smart­phone users now use Android, with 26% using Apple’s iOS, and 14% using Black­berry. Sym­bian has a 6% share and Microsoft’s Win­dows Phone trails with 5%.


Android — 28%

Apple iOS — 26%

Black­Berry — 14%

Sym­bian — 6%

MS Win­dows Phone — 5%

How­ever, Apple’s share con­tin­ues to dom­in­ate in Lon­don where 42% own an iPhone, 15% an Android phone and 11% a Blackberry.

The YouGov sur­vey also found that iPhone users were found to be the heav­iest smart­phone users, with 18% using their device for four or more hours per day, com­pared to 4% of Android and Black­berry users.

Almost two thirds (63%) of iPhone users rank social media apps, and 48% rated games apps as the three most used.

Black­berry users were found to shun apps, with 23% hav­ing no apps at all.

Android users were gen­er­ally either younger (36% of 25– to 34-​year-​olds) or “sil­ver surfers” (25% of retired respond­ents). Android users were more likely to use travel and map­ping apps, with 34% say­ing these apps were in their top three.

Look­ing at US mobile usage as a whole, 68.8% of con­sumers sent text mes­sages in Feb­ru­ary, up from 67.1% in Novem­ber 2010, and this remains the most pop­u­lar ser­vice. The mobile ser­vice that enjoyed the largest growth over the three months was social net­work­ing: 26.8% of all users now access social net­work­ing sites on their mobile devices, a rise of 3.3 per­cent over three months ago. 24.6% played a mobile game, which is up 2%.

The fig­ures did not provide any defin­it­ive answers in the web vs. nat­ive app debate. The num­ber of sub­scribers access­ing mobile browsers increased to 38.4%, up 3.1%, whilst 36.6% used down­loaded apps, up 3.2%.

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