March 2nd, 2011

The iPad 2 has landed

Apple on Wednesday unveiled the next version of the ipad – officially called the iPad 2 – claiming it has been re-designed from the bottom up.

In summary, the iPad 2 is faster, thinner and lighter than the first iPad, comes with front and back facing cameras, can be plugged into a TV and yet its battery life and pricing remain unchanged.

For those so obsessed, here are the details:

1. Two new, faster processors in every iPad. The main CPU is a Samsung A5 dual core processor, claimed to be up to nine times faster than the original iPad. There’s also a new graphics processor that’s twice the speed of the one in the original iPad.

2. It’s 33% thinner. That makes it thinner than the iPhone 4. It’s 8.8 mm, as opposed to 13.4 mm for the original iPad.

3. It’s slightly lighter at 1.3 lb as opposed to 1.5 lb.

4. Front and rear cameras come built in. FaceTime, the Apple video conferencing app and Photo Booth, the Mac app that lets you take pictures of yourself, are both included.

5. The iPad 2 is HDMI compatible, so it can be plugged into a TV or large screen. And, according to Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, this will work with “every app”.

6. The battery life is the same as the original iPad – around 10 hours.

7. The retail price remains the same: $499 for the basic 16GB Wi-fi version. $829 for the 3G model with 64GB.

Apple has also made a new “smart cover” for the iPad 2, available in polyurethane or leather. It attaches to the front of the iPad 2 with magnets and automatically ‘wakes’ the iPad 2 when it is removed.

Unlike the iPhone 4, it will also come in white, as well as black, from day one. And when is day one? March 11th in the US, March 25th in 26 other countries.

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