February 4th, 2011

Google launches web-based Android Market to compete with Apple’s iTunes

Android MarketGoogle has launched a web-based app store, which should improve its competitiveness against Apple’s ‘closed’ iTunes-based app store.

This move puts the Android Market store on PCs, rather than just sitting on an Android-based device. Google has faced criticism in the past over the navigation, ease of discovery and the organisation of its device-based app store.

The web-based store also promises additional improvements:

* Search – users can refine their search options to return results based on app prices, device compatibility and popularity.
* Over the air downloads – users can download the app ‘over the air’ to whichever Android device they choose, providing the app is compatible.
* App info – more information on an app web page, including user reviews, screenshots and even videos.
* Payment – Support for in-app purchases.
* Sharing – Users can tweet a link to every app page.

However, Google still lacks a music store to compete with iTunes, although it is believed that Google is working on a cloud-based service and is currently negotiating with music labels.

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