November 4th, 2010

The Times extends its iPad products


Eureka - Now a 'pay-for' iPad app from The Times

The Times is extending its iPad “pay-for”digital product line by offering its monthly science supplement Eureka (iPad edition) for £0.59 through the iTunes Store. It’s usually bundled for “free” with the newspaper.

The 300-page upgrade to Thursday’s 60-page edition is competitively priced against rival science titles like Popular Science. But is intended, at the moment, to be a one-off.

The Times says Eureka is “the latest in a series of iPad innovations from The Times, designed to showcase our award-winning journalism and the full functionality of the iPad”.

If Eureka’s one-off is a success, Times Newspapers may be encouraged to produce it on a regular basis or apply the same thinking to other niche areas in its battle to assert the pay model in the digital news space.

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