November 2nd, 2010

Smart­phone traffic to increase 700% by 2015

Aver­age traffic per user in West­ern Europe will increase from 44mb per month in 2009 to 736mb in 2015. Image © New York Times

Research firm Informa Tele­coms & Media cal­cu­lates that smart­phone traffic on wire­less net­works will increase 700 per­cent over the next five years.

Informa estim­ates that in the US, where the dis­par­ity between smart­phone and non-​smartphone traffic is the greatest, about 86 per­cent of mobile data traffic today is gen­er­ated by smart­phone users. And Informa pre­dicts that smart­phone aver­age traffic per user (ATPU) in North Amer­ica will increase from 85 MB per month today to 776 MB per month by 2015.

In West­ern Europe, the firm said smart­phone ATPU will increase from under 44 MB per month in 2009 to more than 736 MB per month in 2015.

Accord­ing to Informa the highest smart­phone ATPU is in South Korea and Japan with an ATPU of 271 MB per month in South Korea and 199 MB per month in Japan in 2010 — two to three times higher than the global average.

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